Adventurers need to rest, too! And there are many different ways to spend your nights, from 5-star hotels to nearby to our lost camp.

In proximity to our event location you may find some of the best hotels in Germany. If you prefer your accommodation to be less luxurious, you might want to check in into some of the smaller hotels and B&Bs or vacation homes nearby. Or how about a campground? There are plenty of them in the area.

Our luxurious guest rooms @ Lost Camp 😉

In case you don’t want to miss any of the event fun, have a short way “home” to your sleeping bag, and want to experience the real adventurer’s spirit, book your spot in our lost camp! A camping mat and a sleeping bag will be enough to spent the night in one of the bunkers or vacant buildings. You don’t have to, of course! Bring your mobile home along, if you have one, and you’re all set!

Toilets and water will be provided to all adventurers.

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