Friday, August 5 – Welcome to Nowhere!
Arrive (from 3pm), settle, get to know fellow geocachers, and spend a relaxed evening around campfire and barbeque. Watch the Technikverein’s parade with a selection of their vehilces and find out about how to take one of them on a test ride. The rest of the evening will be spent in cozy campfire atmosphere full of chats and laughter or with a little discovery tour of the grounds.

Saturday, August 6 – Lost in MV!
All kinds of activities await you today! Those who have spent the night in our lost camp will start the day with a delicious breakfast. Afterwards you may discover the grounds, do some geocaching, visit the exhibitions, take one of the vehicles for a ride, face the challenge of the geocacher’s triathlon (preform throwing, fishing for compliments cache containers, and T5 darts), and visit merchant’s corner.
Your mini geocachers will be taken care of: There will be a special program just for them!

The day will end with an entertaining evening program with fire show and special guests.

Sunday, August 7 – Last one turn out the lights!
This day, too, starts with a cozy joint breakfast! Those of you who dare may face the challenge of the hightest terrain ratings. There will be separate registrations for that. If you don’t, continue exploring the grounds and/or find some more geocaches.
Eventually, we’ll clean up, pack, say goodbye, and return home with memories of a great weekend – or stay in MV for another week of vacation??

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