Special thanks to all our sponsors! We couldn’t host an event of this size without you!

The Technikverein Pütnitz e.V. provides the location, their technical equipment and plenty of know-how.

geocaching.com – Mother of (almost) all caches.

Geocoins, geocoins, geocoins!

Want to do some climing? Up a tree? A building? A rock? This is the right place to come to for the right equipment and competent instructors.

Need a special cache container? Stickers? Weird gimmicks and gadgets? Take a look here!
GeoCoinShop.de Traditionals, multi-caches, night-caches & co, hiding or seeking – this is the right place to shop.
Oh, and we offer geocoins, too.
A unique selection of PETlings in different sizes and colors, plus a lot of accessories and many more can you buy at www.pecodu.eu
Jeff Green offers you the most professional outdoor products for all your needs. The product range covers soft-shell sweaters as well as highly breathable and water-resistant three layer jackets

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