Geschichtedes flygfält

In 1935 the former German Reich bought about 575 hectare of woodlands to the west of Pütnitz, directly at the Saaler bodden to build an airport.

Until the end of the war in 1945 it was used as a flying school. In addition to teaching the air base also flew in those aircrafts that have been repaired by the Bachmann factory on the other side of the bodden. At the end of the war this factory was demounted and brought to Russia as reparation. During the following GDR times the former workshops were used by the VEB Faserplattenwerke (national fibreboard factory) and the VEB Ostseeschmuck (national jewelry factory, amber). The latter became the Ostseeschmuck GmbH, which is still successful today and runs a show manufacture in Damgarten.
Remains of the old workshop halls still exist today.

landing strip

After the war the airport grounds where used temporarily to build wooden fishing boats. Those fishing boats used to be fairly common until 1989 and some can still be seen at the “Alter Strom” in Warnemünde.

On June 7, 1948 Marshal Sokolowski signed the command to erect shipyards for building ships for a fishing fleet. The grounds of the former military airport were chosen to become a shipyard for cutters with 50 tons water displacement. Productions were supposed to start on January 1, 1949.

some colour...

Soviet armed forces confiscated the former military airport and the shipyard in 1951, creating the Aerodrome Damgarten. Pütnitz airport became one of the most important air force bases of the western troops of the soviet air forces. Soviet air forces and later GUS air forces used the old technical facilities and quarters until April 11, 1994. During these times only few new buildings were added. A number of bunkers were built instead, e.g. for temporary storage of nuclear weapons.

The soviet armed forces and their 16th fighter pilot division used the grounds for a number of different MIG fighters up to MIG-29. Today, an old MIG-21 is part of the Technikvereins exhibition.

a MIG is still there

In almost 50 years, the grounds have seen ground forces, marine troops, and missile troops as well as aviators. Military users vacated the grounds in 1994, and remains were cleared of hazardous substances. However, the soil around the former fueling facilities is still contaminated. Landing strip, caserns, and the hangars – now used by the Technikverein Pütnitz e.V. and protected by preservation order – still exist.

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